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Support for LASI

Send any e-mail to support@lasihomesite.com  (in English).

We do not carry advertising nor send out spam email. Please ignore any email that is not in response to your questions. 

Although we include public domain information available from MOSIS to assist design projects, we are not part of the MOSIS service. Please do not send them questions regarding LASI. 

Please Note:   If you run LASI on Linux using Wine expect limited testing and support along with possible software problems. There are just too many versions of Linux and Wine to test LASI properly in those different environments. 

Answers to FAQ:

  • There is NO manual on how to use LASI. It is all in the Help files and Tutorials

  • Help installs with LASI. You do not have to be online. Help files are kept updated with each new version release.

  • Students should not expect us to give them much assistance on their projects. Our purpose is to teach you to think, not ask questions about things that should be obvious with a little more thought. Do not expect to design ICs without solving problems on your own.

  • We also probably do not know any more about a specific IC process than you do. After all, if you are designing an IC to be fabricated you are expected to be licensed to use a process and therefore have access to technical details.

  • For questions involved with software indirectly related to LASI we can give only limited assistance. We usually do not know much about other CAD systems or drawing formats and their conversions. Many CAD systems have proprietary formats that we do not know or cannot release to the public.

  • E-mail if you have reasonable suggestions for improvement of LASI, or if you think you found a real bug.

For a large number of public domain formats try http://www.wotsit.org  

For an excellent source of information on microlithography try http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf_spietoc.html

For technical help on commonly used fabrication processes and design techniques from persons doing similar work, we recommend MOSIS http://www.mosis.com.



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