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A license is granted to anyone to install and run LASI software or any of its associated programs written by the author on any number of personal computers. 

There is no required registration and the distributed version is the full version without any functional limitations. 

LASI is freeware intended for students to teach integrated circuit design. However since there is no way to determine if it is being used commercially, all we can do is highly discourage this application.

LASI was originally written for the author's own personal use in developing integrated circuits. It was not intended as a commercial software product. We do not incur many business expenses with LASI, and we do not have to show a profit. This allows us to more or less "give it away".

By installing LASI software on a personal computer or equivalent you acknowledge acceptance of the Terms of Liability listed below.

Terms of Liability

The LASI software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis. Neither the author nor any person distributing the LASI programs assumes any responsibility for whomever uses the programs or for how the programs are used. We have no control of Internet download access. Also, neither the author nor any person distributing the software assumes any liability for any losses monetary or otherwise incurred related to the use of the programs.

Since the programs are fairly complicated, software bugs may be found, often when someone does something that would only be done rarely. If you think you have a real bug report it to Support. The bug will be checked if possible. Since we do not have your computer or operating system it might be hard or impossible to find. Hopefully though it will be found and fixed.

Source Code

LASI is not open source. Limited code or assistance may be obtained depending on the case. Contact the author.

If you have any ideas, send them to the author and they may be used if they make sense and don't require major code rewrites. That's the way LASI development has worked for many years.

Since drawings are built from individual cells in a well documented TLC or TLD file format, it should not be difficult to write your own custom programs that work with drawings. TLD format is just an assembly of more than one TLC file, and is a complete drawing.

Custom programs are more or less plug-ins to LASI and are much easier than trying to change LASI basic code. TLC files are basic XML text files that you can edit directly with a text editor. Some TLC code is included in the Lasi7\Resource folder.

As of Version 7.0.70 LASI can read and execute command line scripts. These are the literal equivalent of manually drawing with the editor. Individual figures, cells or even complete drawings can be created this way, See the Help documentation for more on this feature. 



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